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Astonishing 'insider' tactics the criminal
underworld are using to target UK homes

The shocking secret the door companies DO NOT want you to know.

Dear Homeowner,
If your door, like many homes is a uPVC or Composite Door, you probably feel very secure in your home.
When you lift the handle and you hear all the mechanism slot into place – it’s a good sound... it makes you feel safe.
But here’s the thing – the entire locking mechanism of your door relies on one thing...
...the euro cylinder (the lock) which holds it all together
Door companies fit these locks into your door because they are cheap (some cost the companies as little as 37p) 
People are led to believe that these “euro locks” offer a good amount of security.
Until now - only a handful of professional locksmiths and well researched criminals knew about these insider tactics of breaking locks used in 90% of doors in the UK and Europe.
But as with most things and with the help of the internet, these practises are now fast becoming common place among the criminal underground and the opportunist thief.
Now criminals are using techniques called – Lock Bumping and Lock snapping on these locks.

What’s worrying is - Lock Bumping keys are used legitimately by locksmiths and therefore legally available. In the hands of thieves they can be used as master keys to open any number of locks quickly and with minor disturbance.

Bump keys will open almost any cylinder lock in the country and as around 90% of all homes are filled with the cylinder locks chances are thieves can get into your home.

Now if your wondering what Bumping, Snapping or Drilling is check out the videos on this site. But please be warned – these videos are intended to inform you how easy it is for criminals to gain access to your home - You may not sleep as easy tonight after viewing.

Yorkshire Evening Post
Ruthless Gang Burgle 38 Homes by Snapping Lock on uPVC Doors

Yorkshire Evening Post
Last Year 320 Homes in Kirklees have been targeted by thieves snapping Euro-profile style lock on uPVC doors

West Yorkshire Police
20% of house burglaries within the Kirklees Division have been committed by the offenders snapping the Euro-profile lock
If your wondering what we mean by lock bumping just watch the video...

But be WARNED!
This video is aimed to show you how easy it is to gain access to your home using a tactic that is sweeping the criminal underworld.
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